Class Reunion421

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Class Reunion421

My wife of 20 years recently surprised me with what had to be one of the best
anniversary gifts ever. Heather and I live on a resort lake in rural Wisconsin
100's of miles from her hometown. Heather is in her early 40's, has shoulder
length hair, deep blue mischievous eyes, and a round soft ass. 
Once a year Heather invites a number of her former high school classmates up to
our lake home for a weekend of fun, frolic and play on the water and in the many
bars that we visit by xnxxv sunny leone video boat. Unfortunately for Heather, but lucky for me, this
past summer all of her friends except for one were busy. Stephanie, an
intelligent sharp looking blonde in her early 40's was set to come north for the
weekend. Stephanie is a wild one and brings out the wildness in Heather when
they get together. Stephanie has long blonde hair that comes down to the middle
of her back, sparkling blue eyes, and a nice hard body with and a hard

Stephanie called us once or twice on her cell phone on the ride up to let us
know that she was expecting a fun weekend and that she was coming to town to
. The minute she rolled in the party started with cocktails on the deck
with our neighbors. Soon we headed across the lake to a community dance that
was being held at a turn of the century dance pavilion. It was a warm summer
night. The beer was cold and the dancing was hot. Not long into the evening it became obvious that I was the odd man out as Stephanie turned her attention to
Heather, and Heather likewise returned Stephanie's. At one point Stephanie
looked at me and said, "This isn't about you. This is about Heather and I." I
had little problem with this scenario.
Two hours later we found ourselves back home. Heather and Stephanie slipped
into their bikinis and then slipped into our hot tub. My job was waiter. I was
to bring them whatever they wanted. They requested two cold beers. When I
returned five minutes later the bikinis were lying in a pile on the deck and
Heather and Stephanie were wrapped in each other's arms in the corner of the hot
tub. Oblivious to me they were deep kissing and exploring each other's bodies. 
I sat down in a lawn chair off to the side and proceeded to enjoy the best show
of my life. For the next hour they proceed to take turns backing each other
into a corner of the bubbling water. First Stephanie would be on top of Heather, kissing her lips, working her way down her velvet neck and then pulling her tits up slightly out of the warm water where she would suck her . Stephanie's hand below the surface would be buried in Heather's shaved pussy. Stephanie would then reach down and gently pull Heather's hips to the surface of the water. She would work her way down her stomach and kiss up and down her thighs before finally inserting her warm tongue into Heather's beautiful pussy. Heather would arch her back and pull Stephanie closer, moaning softly as Stephanie explored her. This back and forth process continued well into the evening with each of them taking turns kissing, sucking, and making love to each other's shaved pussies. I was rock hard and sat off to the side rubbing mystiff dick. At this point Heather looked up at me and whispered, "Get the bedroom ready." 

This was my cue that my role in the party was about to change. Minutes later I
had the candles lit, the soft music playing and an assortment of vibrators and
dildos ready. I went back down and sat quietly in our living room, my stiff cock
throbbing as I watched Heather go down on Stephanie through the picture window of our dining room. They were immersed in each other, tongues exploring each other's mouths, tits and pussies. Fingers inserted in their wet holes working each other to a fever. It was an incredible sight. Two beautiful wrapped together as one.

I proceed up to the bedroom where I waited anxiously for Stephanie and
Heather's entrance. I was not disappointed as minutes later in they came, each carrying a wine glass full of beer. They crawled into bed next to me and picked up right where they left off. Within minutes they were facing each other on their sides, tongues deep in each other's mouths, fingers sliding in and out of each other's wet holes. Heather rolled Stephanie on her back and softly spread her legs. Sitting on her knees between Stephanie's legs Heather took a large pink and inserted it into Stephanie's pussy. Stephanie moaned with pleasure as Heather worked the vibrator in and out of her. Heather leaned down and took Stephanie's hard tits in her mouth and kissed and sucked them while fucking her with the vibrator. Stephanie reached up and pulled Heather closer to her tits urging her to suck harder. At this point I could take it no more. I got on my knees behind Heather and slowly eased by into her burning hole. It slipped in easily as Heather's cunt was dripping wet. I fucked her slow and hard from behind as she sucked on Stephanie's tits and fucked Stephanie with the large dildo. Both Heather and Stephanie moaned with pleasure as I rammed my into my beautiful wife. I was living a dream.

Now it was Stephanie's turn to return the favor. She rolled Heather onto her
back and laid down on top of her. One hand stroked Heather's hair while the
other worked the vibrator between their grinding pussies. Stephanie held the
vibrator between their two cunts as they ground them into each other. She
worked her way down Heather's body slowly. First kissing and licking her neck, a sensuous area that Heather always likes touched and kissed. Stephanie then slid down to her tits where she sucked Heather's nipples and bit them softly. The entire time she worked the vibrator in and out of Heather's pussy. Heather began to breath deeply. Stephanie slid down a few more inches to Heather's cunt. She teased her with her lips as she kissed up and down her inner thighs. Heather's breathing became heavier and she arched her hips trying to get real forced anal against her will Stephanie's lips to her pussy. Stephanie teased her softly brushing her lips and tongue across her pussy as she moved on Heather's inner thigh. Heather could take it no more. She reached down grabbing Stephanie by her long blonde hair and forced her tongue to her sopping hole. I slid up next to Heather and inserted my stiff dick into her mouth. She eagerly took my dick in her mouth as Stephanie lapped at her pussy. Stephanie's tongue worked feverishly on Heather's swollen clit as she worked her own pussy with her free hand. Heather lifted her hips to meet Stephanie's tongue and pulled her hair to get her closer. Heather pulled my dick from her mouth as her breathing became ragged and she began to moan loudly, "Oh god" I'm coming"." Her body shook for what seemed an eternity as she shuddered with a fantastic orgasm.

It was now Stephanie's turn to reach the promised land. Stephanie kissed her way back up Heather's body and lay atop of her. Heather reached down and took the larger vibrator and inserted it into Stephanie's sopping cunt. Slowly Heather began to work the vibrator in and out of Stephanie as Stephanie lay atop her kissing Heather deeply. I rubbed my dick and whispered softly, "Fuck her Stephanie, fuck her hard." Stephanie responded to my urgings and began to grind her hips into to Heather and the vibrator. "Fuck her" Feel that in you." Stephanie began to breath deeply and moan softly. Heather stroked her back and kissed her neck while fucking Stephanie from the bottom with the dildo. Stephanie's ass moved up and down as she humped Heather and the dildo. Seconds later Stephanie's body was trembling with a tremendous orgasm as she shuddered to a on top of Heather.

Stephanie rolled to the side of Heather and I took her place. Heather's legs
were open wide and her pussy glimmered with a mixture of hers and Stephanie's juices. I lifted my dick and slid it easily into the comfort of her hole. Stephanie cuddled up against us and began to work her own clit with the vibrator as I fucked Heather. "Kiss each other," I urged them. Heather turned her head towards Stephanie and slipped her tongue deep into Stephanie's mouth as I fucked her with a . I began to pound into my beautiful wife as Stephanie worked her own pussy with the vibrator. They kissed long and deep. I urged them on. The three of us tangled in a web of sensuality. We began to shake and tremble. I arched my back hard and pushed deeply into Heather and came with a tremendous orgasm deep into Heather's pussy. At the same time Heather and Stephanie were coming with their tongues deep into each other's mouths moaning loudly.

The evening ended with Heather and Stephanie falling asleep in each other's arms with me cuddled softly next to them.