The time of my life

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The time of my life

Andy always knew that he wasn't a normal kid, he never thought of himself as homosexual, yet he knew that although he was probably the best looking kid of his age, he never even thought of getting a /girlfriend/">girlfriend. Now he was off to /college/">college, as a curious virgin, hoping for the answer of his sexuality would come to him. 

Months passed, and Andy was becoming more adapted to his friends, especially his roomate, Ryan. Ryan was a muscular young man with soft yellow hair and glittering eyes, Andy always thought of him as being really timid and /cute/">cute. 

One time at night, Andy couldn't sleep, he looked around and saw Ryan in his boxers asleep over the bed covers with a raging hardon! Andy was shocked, and instantly his dick began to shift and jerk, soon enough, he too had a full hardon. the view of Ryan's 10" dick was too much to bare, he looked at his own 7 incher and ran to the bathroom.

Andy closed the door and looked in the mirror with only his boxers on. his green eyes glowing with excitement and his black hair messy. he slowly slid down his boxers, now completely naked, Andy sat himself on the shower floor, and lubed his dick up. the lotion felt cold but as soon as he wrapped his hand around his dick he was beginning to feel tense again.

He started moving his hand upwards and downwards along his shaft taking deep, shuddering breaths while doing so. His dick was really sensitive and it seemed that everytime Andy opened his eyes his dick was getting bigger and bigger. suddenly he felt a weird feeling inside his stomach, knowing that his orgasm was imminent, he started moaning softly. He tilt his head back and quickened his pace. As he did with his other hand he held his balls and squeezed tightly, inflicting pleasurable pain. Waves of pleasure were rushing through him, and he moaned hard and loud, and with one huge pleasurable wave, he felt his /dick/big-dick/">big dick jerk and he felt a huge jet of cum escape milf porn videos his dick, his stomach spasmed and as he held his breath, he moaned his way through his astonishing orgasm.

But then just as he started to relaxe, Andy opened his eyes to reveal a 6 foot Ryan staring at him in awe. Fear engulfed him as he remembered that he didnt lock the bathroom door. Andy placed his hand over his instruments, his mouth wide open. But to his /surprise/">surprise, Andy started noticing that Ryan was growing a bulge. Andy quickly straightened up and stood, his cheeks flushed in red. Then as he went down to pick up his boxers speechless looking into Ryan's eyes, Ryan dashed forward and cupped his genitals hardly and gave his ballas a strong tug, Andy stood on his toes in this and moaned hard and long. 

Ryan started kissing Andy without saying a word. Andy still on his toes grabbed Ryan's member through his boxers and pulled him with it to his bed. "I want to feel your /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick inside of me". without thinking ryan sat on the edge of the bed, and Andy followed by first lubing Ryan's dick, teasing him playfully. he placed the lotion and then started caressing his balls while doing so, then with one slow movement, he turned around and sat on Ryan's dick, taking it all in one swift stroke.

Andy's leg muscles contracted and he could not help but slip out a scream. A tear ran down his eyes from the pain he was feeling. But in a different state of mind, he was ever-so horny with the thought that Ryan's full 10" dick was up inside him. Ryan slowly started thrusting upwards and downwards, Andy could feel his dick jerk by itself and his stomach spasming and relaxing. Being flexible, Andy blowjob porn videos bent his legs back wards so that Ryan's hands were holding him from his upper thigh. By doing this, Andy's ass tightened around Ryan's raging dick. Ryan moaned loudly and grabbed each of Andy's balls squeezing them a little. Andy screamed, still tearing from the huge amount of pleasurable pain entering and exiting him.

Ryan quickly reacted and started thrusting faster and harder, making the pleasure leaving both of them unbareable. finally Ryan layed on his back and spread his arms and legs, Andy then started going up and down, riding Ryan's dick with immense excitement and pleasure, finally, he felt Ryan starting to moan hard, so Andy grabbed his cock and started giving it the final tugs of pleasure it needed, and in moments another huge wave of pleasure dashed through Andy, tightening his ass against Ryan's dick. this gave Ryan the final push and he moaned the loudest he ever did with a huge spasm in his hips and a blast of his cum inside Andy. Andy and Ryan were now orgasming together.

falling back onto Ryan's chest, Andy began panting hard, trying to relaxe from the most intense orgasm he ever experienced. Ryan lay there under him, his dick still inside Andy. They both chuckled exhaustedly, knowing this would be one hell of a year.