My Friends Mom

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My Friends Mom

It all started when I met my friend Brian in the eighth grade. We bacme friends and then we decided to do something on the weekend. We went out to see a movie and I decided to spend the night at his house. His /mom/">mom came to get us and when isaw her i realized that she was the biggest milf that i had ever laid eyes upon. She was gourgeouse. Her tits were plump and round I would say a 36-38 C. They were so perky and perfect that I was not sure that they were real. Her ass was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. It was small and plump and her jeans hug around it perfectly.

She gave us a ride home and we decided to smoke and then go swimming. She came out a little later to tell us that she was going to bed. I looked up and realized that she was wearing a bath robe. She was standing above me abd I could see right up her robe. I could see that se was wearing a skimpy black /thong/">thong. I had an instant hard on like never before in my life. My cock ached to get in those beautiful panties.

A few days later I was at my house which is acrfoss the street and I saw her go out to the pooll to get a sun tan. I krept over to the fence and could see her rubbing tanning oil all over her body. Her beautiful tits were glisstening in the sun and her ass was just tempting me. Noticing that nobody was around she decided to take off her top. That was all I needed and I whipped my cock out and started to stroke it. Before long I had busted a /fat/">fat nut all over the fence.

The next day I spent the night at his hous again. We decide to drink and got pretty faded. We decided to go to bed pretty late and brian was out cold in about ten minutes. I decide to use this time to go snooping around the house looking for some sexy things that his mom has. I krept out of his room and into his moms room. She was laying there sleeping in a pair of pajamas. Damn did I wish that she was wearing that thong that I had saw a week before. i decided that I should go to the laundry room and look for some bras and panties.

I got into the laundry room and found a pair of white lace panties in the dirty wash. I imediatly licked the juices from the croutch. Her juices tasted amazing. I could taste her pussy aand ached for the real thing.

Weeks later after many trips to there house while they were not home to go through her panty drawer I spent the night at his house again. They had just gone on vacation and her husband was now away on business. She had had some trouble sleeping lately and I saw her take a few sleeping pills.

I dedcide to get my friend drunk so that he would pass otu again. We took shots of vodka but little did he know that mine were only water. Soon enough he was out cold on the couch. I decided that this was my chance to go and pay a visit to his mom.

I krept into her room and saw her sleeping on the bed. I decided that I would try to wake her up to see waht would happen. I went and tried to wake her up but she was out like a light. I shook her hard by trhe shoulders but she did not move at all. I then decided to slip her pajamas off and look at her in her /underwear/">underwear. I carefully unbottoned her pajamas and revealed her bra underneath. She wasss wearing an dark gray lacy bra. Her beautiful tits were being barely held back by the sexy material. I reached around her back and unhooked her bra skillfully. i then slipped her bra off unleashing her geurgeus tits. Slowly I began to rub them and her nipples. i could tell that her nipples were starting to get hard from the attention. By this time my cock was so huge that it had to be unleashed. I whipped it out an dhad never seen it so big. I bagan to stroke it and then had an idea. I grabbed some lotion out of the bathroom and rubbed it on her tits. I squeezed her tits together and stuck my dick in between alain lyle porn them. I went cxrazy titty fucking her harder and harder. I soon could feel my orgasm coming and kept going at it. I then erupted and spurted /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum all over her tits and onto her face.

I then decided to take off her pants and reveal the /panties/sexy-panties/">sexy panties she had on. I soon saw that she was wearing a thong that was matching her bra. since I have a panty fetish a decided to roll her over to look at her ass with her panties on. I saw that she was wearing a thong that hugged her pussy and split her beautiful ass cheeks. I then moved in closer to her pussy. I was inches from the pussy that I had been thinking about and jacking off too for weeks. I movd her panties to the side and revealed the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.

I could not help myself so I started to eat her pussy out. I finally got to taste the juices that I was getting from her panties straight from the source. It tasted like heaven and i could feelmy cock starting to regain life again. I continued to slurp up her juices and licked her clit to get her juices flowing more.

I just wished that I could fuck her but knew that I could not without a condom. I decided tosearch the bathroom for one. I looked and looked and then found something unexpected. I found a little package of pills. I knew at once what they were and knew that since I had found her birth control that i could fuck her. An d best of all without a condom. I rushed back into her room and turned her back over. I grabbed her legs pulling her closer to me and pointing my throbbing cock inches from her juicy pussy. I moved on closer and could feel me cock start to part her pussy lips. I slid in nice and slow feeling the warth of her cunt around my rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I pushed all the way in until the base of my ten inch dick could go no further. I then began to slid in and out slowly. Sonn i began to thrust with all my might my balls slapping against her ass turning me on even more. I could feel her pussy juices flowing as she was getting turned on too. She must be having an erotic dream. Soon I could feel her pussy starting to tighten around my cock. I pinched her nipples and her pussy gave a final squeeze. I could tell she was coming and I felt mine coming as well. Finally with one last powerful thrust a shot a huge load deep into her beautiful pussy. Her cunt seemed to be sucking all the cum out of me. I got off and cleaned her up abit. I put her bra and pajamas back on and decided to keep the panties for my own pleasure. I returned to the couch and found my buddy still passed out. I helped him to bed and went to sleep on the floor.

Later that night I found someone waking me up. It was my buddys mom. She told me to follow her and I though for sure that I wasbusted. She led me into the living room and at me down on the couch. HSe told me that she had woken up during my little experience and let me get on with it . She also said that she had never been satisfied that much by her husband.

She then told me that she only missed two tings from our sex. with that she came over to me and started to pull down my pants. She took out my hard cock and started lickeing the tip. She then suddenly took the whoel thing in her mouth and started going to town. She gave me the best lblow job of my life. I told her tht I was about to cum but she just kept going. As soon as i started to cum she took the whole thing into her mouth I could feel my cock slid down into her throat. She kept on sucking me off and drained my cock once again.

She then stood up and walked away. i took a moment to gather myself and followed her into the bedroom. She was laying on the bed and motion for me to come onto the bed. She then got a bottle of lube out of the canimet next to the bed and rubbed some onto her hands. She then started to rub it onto her ass cheeks and into her ass crack. After it was lubbed up she grabbed my cock and bega to stroke it with the lube. She then bent over and pulled mr closer. I couldnt believe that I was going to get to fuck the most beautiful ass that I had ever seen. I stuck my cock in slow and showed no mercy. I pounded my cock in and out of indian santali xvideo her tight virgan ass. She was overcome with pleasure and pain and soon was drippiung juices from her pussy. I shove dtwo finger in her poussy and started fingering her. She screamed wildly that she wanted me to now /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-her-pussy/">cum in her pussy. I pulled out and shovd it into her Pussy. I could feel my orgasm coming up. With that I felt her pussy tighten again and we came together. after draining my cock for the fourth timethat night I fell over in exaustion.

From then on I started to spend the night over at his house whenevr his /dad/">dad was away on business. I had a great time hanging out with brian but a much better time fucking his beautiful mom.