Teaching Sara Miller

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Teaching Sara Miller

I turned forty five today and decided to write my life story or at least a chapter of my life. I called it ?The Unleashing of Sara Miller?. It was all about what happened at a point in my life that caused my life to quickly spiral downward and take a turn to a place no one had expected. I got caught up in a life that I thought I had left behind well before I met my husband of twenty fife years, David. I had suppressed so much of that part of my life that it all exploded and resurrected itself again. There was nothing that I or anyone could do for me but watch me implode into a den of sin and depravity and it seemed the more that I tried to get out the more I was in it to stay. 

I published the book on line and little did I know it would sell as well as it did. If you ever read my story you might not grasp the why of it all. Why did a happily married housewife find her self in the middle of a sex and drug hell pit and that is what I am about to clear up here and now. 

Before I was Sara Miller, wife of David Miller, I was little Sara Parker, a small town girl who had it all and was coming of age. I just turned eighteen and never really had a boyfriend before, that is until Johnny came walking into my life. 

Johnny came into the picture while I was waiting for the bus to get home from a day of clothes shopping. He sat down and started talking to me and we hit it off and became friends. After talking on the phone for about a month he started asking me out but I didn?t know how my mother would take to that so I just kept turning him down. I really wanted to go out with him but I was /scared/">scared him being the first boy I ever really was interested in. 

One day Johnny came over unexpectedly and my mother yelled upstairs to me that I had a guest. I asked my mom if it was ok and she smiled and told me it was about time. Johnny and I sat on the porch and talked for hours. He gave me a thousand reasons why I should go out with him and just couldn?t resist his wit and charm anymore so I finally said yes. I was so naive and Johnny was going to teach me all about life and that was so exciting to me. It got so I couldn?t sleep thinking about when I would see him for our first date. We would talk on the phone for hours on end until all hours in the morning. I lived for Johnny and knew he really loved me. We were going to see each other the next day and I didn?t sleep a wink waiting for our time together, our first date. I was scared of the thought of being out on a date for the /first-time/">first time but something told me I could trust him.

Johnny picked me up right on time and when Mom asked where we were going he told her that we were having a picnic in the park. Mother smiled and told us to drive safely and off we went. Johnny packed a lunch and even brought a bottle of wine. When we arrived at the park we spread out a blanket and the festivities began.

We ate some fried chicken and drank some wine. That was my first taste of alcohol and it made me laugh a lot and kiss a lot. Johnny looked deeply into my eyes and his lips got closer and closer until we kissed for the first time ever. Although it was a short kiss it sent me into orbit and between the wine and the kisses to come I was on cloud nine. After that that?s all we did for the next three hours until my lips were sore.

He took me home and we sat in the front of the house talking and he kissed me goodnight and I floated in the house where mother was waiting for me. ?Did you have fun?? She asked and I said ?Yeah it was nice?. She asked if we were going to see each other anymore and I smiled and said that tomorrow we were going to the beach. Mom sat me down and started telling me about the birds and the bees. She left no subject untouched. She talked about intercourse, masturbation and I got a bit embarrassed and told her it would never amount to that and she said good, handed me a case of birth control and taught me how to use them. She even went as far to show me how a prophylactic should be used for extra protection. I ran up to my room with my face red as a beat. 

I was thinking about some of the things mom was telling me about and although some of it was weird I couldn?t stop thinking about it. She told me how a /women/">women can think about sex and actual please themselves by touching there vagina?s so I started doing just that. I thought about Johnny?s kiss and started rubbing like my mom said but didn?t quite get it. I started moving my hand to different parts of my vagina and I must have hit the right spot. I kept doing it in that spot and my mind drifted away as if Johnny was really there. I clamped my legs down on my hands and feelings started oozing from every part of my body like I wanted to scream but didn?t dare. I moved my well placed hands squeezing and pulling my clit exploring every inch of my vagina. In with one then two fingers I kept heightening my sexual awareness. Biting my upper lip not knowing what was happening to me I only knew that this was a good thing I have discovered. 

The next day Johnny picked me up right on time and we headed out. I asked why he was heading the opposite way from the beach and he just smiled and told me he had a /surprise/">surprise for me. I sat there and wondered what it was. He pulled into a parking lot and shut off the engine. He turned to me and started to unbutton my top button and I grabbed his hand and he told me that one button wouldn?t matter it was just to loosen up so we could talk for a while. I relaxed and trusted him and I even unbuttoned another button to show him I was ok with it. He reached under his seat and pulled out a thermos and poured us both a glass and made a toast to us. I sipped the glass and asked him what was in it. He said ?Just something to help us relax?. I sipped it down and felt very relaxed indeed. As we talked he poured another and it seemed with every glass I guzzled down another button came undone. 

Johnny reached into my blouse which was totally open now and started rubbing my breasts. He asked if I liked what he was doing and I shook my head yes. He asked if I ever had sex and I was honestly and told him I never have. He then asked if I had ever seen a boy?s penis before and once again I was honest with him and said no. He told me there were lots that he could teach me if I would let him and I just said yes and started kissing him all over. He then pulled out his penis or as he called it his cock and asked me to hold it and I did. I never held one so it felt strangs but with a bit of coaching Johnny showed me that if I moved my hand up and down it would make it bigger and then he would eventually cum.

The Next Phase

Johnny and I were seeing each other on a regular basis now. He would come and get me and we would go to either a motel where he would teach me something about sex white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie or we would end up at the movies.

We were heading for the movies and Johnny told me I would love this movie. He added if I trusted him that all would be great and we would have a great time. 
Although Johnny and I haven?t had sex he had indeed been teaching me all about it. He would touch me in places that drove me nuts and he even let me touch him. I loved that we were closer to having sex and I knew I was ready for him to ask. 

We drank on the way to the movies and that made everything more fun. I was so drunk when we arrived at the movies that Johnny had to virtually carry me in. We found our seats inn the balcony and he went and got me some soda. He brought his flask and poured some into our soda and watched the previews before the movie started.

I couldn?t keep my hands off Johnny and we started our make out session. He was touching my breasts and I was rubbing his penis over his pants, making him hard. As I looked around I noticed that there were not many people there and what?s more I was the only girl there. Ididn?t care and kept slobbering all over John as he started touching my vagina making me hornier then I ever have been. I wanted and was completely ready for sex.

The movie started and as it turned out it was porn. I got to watch people having sex on the big screen and that didn?t help my condition any. Johnny told me he had to go to the bathroom and I asked him to get me some popcorn and he left me sitting there watching some huge boobed girl suck off two men at once. That made me so horny I started rubbing my vagina or as Johnny called it my pussy. I was so into the whole thing. Seeing the movie and touching myself. I looked around for Johnny wondering where he was. At that same moment I felt hands reach from behind me, groping my tits and that made me rub faster. I undid my pants and slid my hands into my /underwear/">underwear sliding my fingers into /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy I was on another planet. I opened my eyes to see another glimpse of the woman on the screen and that?s when I saw Johnny coming up the stairs. I thought it was him feeling me up but obviously I was wrong but I didn?t really care either.

Johnny sat down besides me and told me I was ready for the next phase. I shook my head yes and he stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv got up again. A man sat down besides me and had his cock exposed and I went to grab it he pushed my hand away and shook his head no. I looked at him a bit confused and at the same moment I knew what he wanted, no needed from me. I bent over and found my lips kissing his soft cock. The more I kissed it the bigger it got. That?s when I started sucking it. I never did that before and knew only from what Johnny told me. I slowly took his whole cock in my mouth and started enjoying it. I started getting more into it as I took more and more of it in my mouth. Johnny just sat there watching the stranger and me going at it giving me some occasional coaxing and coaching. The man started saying something but I didn?t quite hear what he was trying to say and that?s when he exploded in my mouth and all over my face.

When all of that was over I was escorted back to Johnny?s car and that?s when Johnny took off my pants and started fucking me for the first time telling me what a /good/good-girl/">good girl I was and that sent me to the moon.

From that night forward I couldn?t wait for what was in store for me. Johnny opened my mind to many things sexually. I met strange men for money; I also had my first time with a girl when Johnny taught me all about threesomes. He had me do three guys right at a bar and I even fucked one of them right in the men?s room.
I came home drunk one night and mother was waiting up for me and she wasn?t pleased. She asked why I was drinking and I told her I just wanted to try it. She let it go at that and started showing more and more concern when I came home more and more drunk more often. She sat me down and actually grounded me. I climbed out the window and went out anyway and that?s when I got arrested for prostitution.

Johnny set up a date for some guy that said he was from pout of town and we went to this restaurant. That?s when I saw David for the first time. When my date went to the bathroom me and David started talking and we hit it off and we exchanged phone numbers. My date came back to the table at the restaurant and asked me how much for a blow job and I said fifty and that?s when he flashed his badge and told me I was under arrest. Mom came and bailed me out and we had a long talk. I stopped drinking and David called me and we made a date for the next week and that?s when true love prevailed, so I thought. This is where my secret life ends and my long time marriage to David began and that?s when the real trouble begins. After twenty five years of marriage I slipped and well read my book The Unleashing of Sara Miller and see what happened in the next chapter of my life.