First time meeting

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First time meeting

I had been talking with a girl I met over the internet dating website, and things were getting to be serious I found. One night I was talking, it was the third month we had been talking but we had never met once. 

"Why don't you jump into your car and come to my place." She said, sounding like she was lonely. 

"Well I have got to work and my..." I listened to myself, I was about to say my mother wouldn't allow me to. Any wonder I was 24 and still a virgin. Being shy it took me a little while to respond. I took a breath. "Alright. Give me your address and I shall be there in a while." 

Her voice seemed to perk right up. "the door will be unlocked just ring the bell and walk in. Then say who you are." she said. "I shall see you then." the phone on the other end quickly hang up once she had given me the address.

With my parents in bed,as it was in the middle of the night, I took my car keys and left, not being used to the area it took me a little while. But I got there. The house was nice, not too big, and not too small, the perfect size. But the house looked empty, with only the dimmest light on in a back window I figured it was the wrong house. But as I checked the paper I had written it down on, it was the right one. So I walked up to the door, rang the door bell once and walked in. I am here." I said in a high tone but not loud enough to wake the neighbours.

There was quietness for about four seconds the longest four seconds in my life. "Have trouble finding the place?" she replied, the voice came from a room just down the hall. 

"Yeah sorry," I replied as I stood there not exactly knowing really what to do, I felt sort of stupid at the moment.

"Well don't just stand there, come in." she said as the light became lighter, like the next stage on a touch tone lamp. 

I quickly took off my shoes and made my way to the room where the voice came from. When I entered what I saw was not what I expected, I really didn't know what to expect but this wasn't it. She was tall a good three or four inches taller than me, a little bigger in build wise, the way I like women, I like women with a few extra pounds. her hair medium length and not being able to resist I looked down to her breasts for just a second I looked back up to her eyes. That was what captivated me her eyes were beautiful just like her voice which had me wandering all these weeks what she looked like. Now here she was and I was not disappointed. 

"Not what you expected eh?" she asked. 

I looked her over again, knowing that she expected that, "No I have to admit, it wasn't what I expected."

"You know what maybe this was a /bad/">bad idea,’ she replied.

’Why?’ I asked.

’Well, I wasn’t what you expected, that usually means a bad thing.’ she replied sitting on the couch. It was only then when I realized it was her living room.

I didn’t know why but I felt compelled to go over and comfort her, to tell her it was not a bad thing. ’Hey, have I told you what I thought about appearances in people when we first started talking?’ I asked her.

’That appearances don’t matter,’ She stated.

’Thats true.’

’So you find me ugly.’ She said.

I realized that I dug myself a hole right then, ’No. I just find it hard to believe that you would want to go out with me, even though you had already known what I had looked like on the webcam’

’You know what,’ She said, ’From the moment I saw you on the screen, I was wandering if we could ever be together. I mean, look I am big, six foot and a couple of years older than you.’

I chuckled. ’For one thing hon. As long as someone is happy with their size it is alright with me, I mean, look at most of the /skinny/skinny-women/">skinny women, the either have an eating disorder or always watching what they eat. It is inconvenient I mean when going out, wanting a large meal they order what, a salad with a glass of maybe what coffee or water, its not worth going out. And your height, well that can’t be helped but you know what, my father is about the same height as me, my mother is six ft two.’

A smile appeared on her face, one that compelled me to smile more. ’Really.’

’Yeah, and as for age. I prefer older women, not too much older as my /friend/best-friend/">best friend is going out with his /teacher/">teacher and his brother going out with a fifty year old. But, I would be with someone who is... how old did you say you were.’ I asked, I had a feeling she wasnt entirely honest while on the phone she sounded younger than me but she looked older than 26 than what she said she was.

’Twenty nine.’ She replied. ’I lied on the internet and on the phone.’

’See, well within my age limit I have set.’ I replied as I sat next to her on the couch.

’Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea after all,,’ she replied her smile coming back once again. She leaned closer to me, but I backed off. ’Whats wrong?’ she asked.

’Sorry..’ I replied, now I was really embarrassed, ’I just haven’t been kissed before.’

’Are you serious.’ She asked. ’How come?’

’Well... I don’’t know exactly it just hasn’t happened.’ I said blushing a little out of embarrassment.

She realizing the embarrassment took her hand and placed my chin in it. I felt awkward to say the least. She smiled and came closer I had the courage then to stay and even go closer to her. Soon her lips were on mine. I had no idea what to expect, but for some reason my body felt all warm inside and soon she broke the kiss to my disappointment. ’So... how do you like it.’

’Wow... my body is tingling all over for some reason, is that normal.’ I asked.

’Well I don’t know want to try again and find out.’ she asked.

Not waiting I placed my lips on hers, she directed me in the proper position and as awkwardly as I felt I kept the kiss going. Soon, I noticed something in my mouth playing against mine, as if on cue, I did the same back. After a short while of this we stopped. 

’You are getting better.’ She replied smiling as she brushed a bit of my hair back. ’I have rented a few movies, you want to watch them with me?’ she asked as she got up.

I looked up and then around the room, there was no tv, no VCR or DVD player. ’Alright’

Taking my hand, she took me upstairs, immediately I got nervous, was she taking me where I thought she was taking me. ’I hope you don’t mind but my TV is in my bedroom.’

’Hmm... I-its not a problem.’ I replied. 

She laughed, ’Relax its only a bedroom,’ she said as we entered. In it was a 32 inch tv and a DVD player. To the left was a door leading to the bathroom. ’Well I am going to take a bath before if you want to join me you can if not you can watch tv.’

I did think about it but I didn’t think I was ready to share a bath right yet, ’Uhm...would you mind if I stay here maybe or I don’t know go downstairs and get things ready for the movie?’

’Sure on the counter there is some chips, popcorn, and a bag. You will need to pop the popcorn as it isn’t finished yet.’

’Alright,’ I said, then she walked into the bathroom, not closing the door behind her, and I went downstairs to the kitchen where she said the stuff were, to make things easier I looked for a large bowl, for the chips and another for the popcorn when they were finished. It didn’t take me long to find them. And he slowly made his way up with the bag and the two bowls. 

’You find them.’ She asked from the bathroom. 

’Yeah,’ I replied, ’Hope you don’t mind but I placed them in a bowl.’ 

She came out of the bathroom then just in a towel. ’Its alright.’ She replied as she walked to the dresser and picked out a couple of nightgowns. ’So which would you prefer.’

I looked at them, one was a fully thing, like they used to wear in the olden days, and the second looked awful. The third was very sexy. Just barely covered the areas they were supposed to and that was it. ’I like that one’ I replied looking at the third. 

She smiled as if wanting me to chose that one. Walked back into the bathroom, and a few minutes later came back out. ’So how do I the wwwxxx look, now be honest.’

I couldn’t answer her right away, I was stunned by what I saw. Only the part of the breast where the nipples were.

’I take it you like it.’ she said as she sat down on the bed. ’My brother has a dresser of clothes in the next room, how about you go change into something more comfortable.’ 

’Alright,’ I replied as I shook off the daze I was in. I went to the next room and found some boxers. After taking off my pants and sliding them on I went out to the room once again.

’Not taking your shirt off.’ She asked.

’Oh right,’ I replied taking it off. Now all I was wearing was her brothers boxers.

She smiled once again, and slid under the covers, keeping the covers open, ’Come in the covers, and lets start the movies.’

This time I went straight into the bed, not hesitating, I didnt want to be seen as /scared/">scared or too nervous, once I was in she put the covers over both of us. Took my arms and wrapped it around her and then snuggled even closer to me. Her body was tight against me, and I could feel myself getting hard down below. 

’Which one you want to watch first? There is Bruce Almighty, All the kings men, and The Majestic.’ She said as she picked up the controller for the dvd player.

’Uhm... how about The Majestic.’ I replied, I had seen it plenty of times, but even though it was a non-comedy, I found it was Jim Carreys /movies/best-movie/">best movie. 

’Alright,’ She replied as she hit play. ’Hey just a question, are you happy to see me?’ She asked as she turned to face me.

’’Like I said yes I am, and you know it....’ I stopped as I seen she was looking under the covers so I checked and there was my penis sticking out of the opening of the boxers. Immediately I changed three different shades of red.

’Don’t be embarrassed.’ She said, ’Its only natural.’

’Yeah but I...’ 

’Listen... do you want to lose your virginity.’ she asked me.

I didn’t know what to say, I thought about everything, the pros, the cons. It was our first meeting but it sure as hell didn’t mean we didn’t know each other we had talked for months before this. Finally coming to my senses, I had wanted this to happen, for years my only resolution at new years was to get a girlfriend, and lose my virginity, ’Yes I do.’ I said. 

She smiled and kissed me passionately. I was getting the hang of it and kissed her back tongue and all. She stopped and for a second thought she had changed her mind, but she just smiled and took her nightgown off, leaving her totally naked under the covers. Then she brought me closer to her and kissed me once again. 

I kissed her back once again, and I could feel her hand making her way down and take my penis in her hands, I jumped at first, but with a bit of coaxing, I let her continue what she was doing. Slowly I brought my hand up, and placed it on her breast, slowly and gently I started massaging it, still both of us were kissing passionately, but she was starting to go down, kissing me on the neck then down my chest. She stopped there, looked up at me, and threw the covers off of the bed. Then went back to what she was doing, she took my penis back in her hand and began stroking it, not hard but enough to make me feel good. She then went down fully, and took it fully into her mouth, truthfully it shocked the hell out of me, but soon with her doing it, I was in ecstacy. I even felt it grow even more, which surprised me since it was already at its full growth, but I wasn’t complaining. 

She looked up at me when she was doing it and smiled. ’You like?’ she asked as she went back down.

I couldn’t speak, all I could do was nod a yes to her. Several minutes later, I tried pushing her head away, as I was soon going to ejaculate, but she wouldn’t hear tell of it, instead she sucked harder and faster, making it come even faster. Soon, it came and she got it all in her mouth, she seemed toto enjoy it and she stayed down there until I was dry. 

’That was great.’ She replied as she came back up to me and kissed me once more passionately. 

For some reason I didn’t back away. She had just taken all my load into her mouth and swallowed it and now I was kissing her. Needless to say I wasn’t really caring about anything else right now. I moved my hand down, past her breasts, past her naval until it was at her Clitoris. She seemed to like it, as she moaned in kisses. Slowly I kissed down her neck, and down to her breasts, gently sucking on one nipple and massaging her other with my free hand while inserting one finger inside her clit. 

She seemed to like it as she began to moan more and louder. She passed a hand through my hair, and pushed me down more. 

I went down farther, a little hesitant about going right down, but clearly it was what she wanted, and I wasn’t going to argue, plus it was something I wanted to do also but just nerves setting in. Moving down I inserted another finger inside her and started fingering her, by the look of her face she was enjoying every minute of it. Finally I arrived at her clitoris, the aroma was like something I didn’t even imagine but it was intoxicating, I had to have more of it, for a few seconds I just looked at it up close, until she took my head and brough me into contact with it.

’How are you enjoying it?’ She asked me.

Taking my fingers out, I licked them off, ’I am enjoying it more than anything else I have ever experienced.’ I replied and then spread open her lips so I can get more of a view of the inside. Inserting my tongue all the way I could made her twitch, something I was unprepared for, but it was something I enjoyed, watching her get pleasure from me. I kept licking her clit for, I really don’t know really how long but she twitched like that for a while. 

’Oh my got. I am going to Cum.’ She yelled out.

Instead of moving I inserted three fingers and fingered her as hard and as fast as I could. This seemed to make her go wild and pretty soon I had her wwwxxx juices flowing, which I quickly licked up. The taste was surprisingly addictive as I wanted more.

’That was... the best I have ever had, are you sure you hadn’t done it before.’ She panted she pulled me up by the hair, and planted her lips on mine. Then pushed me on my back as she got on top my of me.

’I am sure,’ I replied as she got on top of me. It wasn’t long before my penis was erect again, and she took it in her hand pointed it upwards and slowly went down on it, it entering her as she settled. 

’Mmmm. It feels so good inside me, don’t you find.’ She asked as she started to ride me.

’U-huh’ was all I could say, needless to say I was out of breath, not because she was on top if me, I loved that, and I knew it would always be my favorite position. But because it was getting hard for me not to shoot my load inside her, as I didn’t have any protection on.

’Ahhhh’ she said as she began going faster on me, and she placed both hands of mine on her breasts, I took it as a hint to keep massaging her breasts as I ddid so, and sat up as much as I could and took one and started sucking on one of her nipples. 

’I can’t hold on much longer.’ I was able to say.

She didn’t say anything, except try and move faster that was it, I couldn’t hold on to it any longer I emptied my load in her and she seemed happy that I did, I flopped down on my back and felt the sweat coming down my face. 

For some reason I stayed erect just long enough for her to climax, and once she did, she collapsed on top of me. She planted her lips on mine and smiled. ’I haven’t had one like that for a long time.’

’Well now I think we may have a problem.’ I said catching my breath finally.

’Oh, what’s that?’ She asked as she moved a hand down to my now limp penis and started playing with it. 

’Well on thing, no protection, what about pregnancy.’

’Tell me, if I do get /pregnant/">pregnant, what are you gonna do?’ she asked as she moved a hand up and and down my chest.

’Well I of course would look after you and the baby, I have planned to when I first came here I saw you I knew you were the one I wanted to be with.’

’Then why are you worried?’ She asked as she planted her lips on mine once again.

I smiled, ’I don’t know’ 

’Well, I hope you can stay the night. I want another round in the morning.’

’You will have it. You know we forgot about the movies.’

’What movies.’ She asked with a sly smile.

’The... you mean you had this planned all along?’

’Guilty as charged, no lets get some sleep or you won’t be able to go again in the morning.’

’Agreed, but nothing will stop me in the morning.’ I said as I kissed her and fell asleep, for the /first-time/">first time content with my life.