Sunny day in the country

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Sunny day in the country

It was an hot summers day on a Saturday afternoon. And Jenifer, decided to go into the City to do some shopping. The only way she could go was to catch the /bus/">bus into town. She walked towards the bus stop and realised she had missed it. She said " oh well, warm day, Il have a nice walk to the next bus stop". She carried on a few miles up the lane and then came a passing truck, with three guys in. "alright luv?" said the guys, "yes thanks" said Jenifer. They asked where Jenifer was going and offerd her a lift. Jenifer was hot and thirsty due to the heat and so she agreed. She stumbled into the van, the middle seat, and they began on their way. Jennifer was wearing, a short, flowing yellow dress, with yellow, laced /underwear/">underwear /thong/">thong. Her breasts were golden and clevedge shown proud.

The guys were saying how hot she looked and looked tasty. The guy she was sitting on began to get hard, he slowly reached round and started cupping her breasts, feeling the lace behind the dress. She felt butterfly sensations all over her sexy skin. She began to get moist xxx sex video download free com between her legs. The truck pulled over, and the guys started kissing her and pulling out her tits. Her dress was pulled down over her breasts to express them out. Jennifer was in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as she felt her pussy being stroked by the other guys hand. Then one guy started licking her out in the truck. The guys pulled her out of the truck and bent her over a nearby field gate. One guy was fucking her up the fanny whilst one was /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth.

All of a sudden Im cumming" said the fella getting the blow job and shot a long thick load into Jenifers mouth. It was flowing all down her chin and breasts. Jenifer road one then the other fella fucked her up the arse. Jenifer screamed "Ahhhh, fucking, oohhh, yeahhhh, fucking cumming, ooohhhhhh ggaaaaaarrrrrdddddd" Jenifer was having such an intense orgasm she was squirting pussy juice like /crazy/">crazy. The guys was not wearing Johnnys and Jenifer was not on the pill. Jenifers arse, stopped pounding when the guy was about to cum. She turned round and put his cock into her mouth. It was a massive load and spunk covered her face. She was then forced on her back and was pounded by the driver of the truck.

She was screaming like crazy, he then started grunting as he was pumping a gigantic load of hot unstoppable sperm. As he was still fucking her she was having another /orgasm/squirting-orgasm/">squirting orgasm, sexxxx video ful hd spraying love juice everywhere. Jenifer eventually got to town and managed to freshen up at a nearby rest room. Her cum soaked panties in her handbag for memories. She could feel cum dripping down her thighs, from her well fucked, love snatch.

She inserted to finger herself of thoughts of todays happenings. she cum once again and then got cleaned up. She was thinking of all that spunk in her un protected tummy whilst deciding to cook her husband for tea.